Lutherische Kirchenmission

Bleckmarer Mission

Missionsfest in Fairland, Johannesburg, Südafrika am 26. Juli 2009

Aus dem Gemeindebrief im August 2009 der St. Paulus-Gemeinde (FELSISA) in Fairland, Johannesburg in Südafrika gibt es einen kurzen Bericht über deren Missionsfest am 26. Juli 2009 in Englisch. Ist ‘mal was für Missionsfreunde, die ein wenig Englisch können:

Mission Festival. On Sunday 26th July we celebrated our Mission Festival. We had invited members of the Diepkloof congregation to attend and also Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Weber from the Seminar in Pretoria and his students. It was an uplifting service, I don’t think we will easily forget the impressive way the preacher, Dr. Lawrence Rast from Fort Wayne, USA, who is
at present a guest lecturer at the Seminary, stressed various variations of the word “Go!” (Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples … Matth.28:20). The choir from Diepkloof sang during the Distribution of Holy Communion – it was really inspiring. As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone could complain about the quality of singing during the service either! The students form Pretoria introduced themselves and the various countries in Africa from which they have come to South Africa to study theology. One point they stressed is that they would like to meet more South Africans, they don’t have much contact with anyone outside the Seminary. Maybe we could make plans to help in this respect.