Lutherische Kirchenmission

Bleckmarer Mission

Künftig wird Englisch auf Synoden der ehemals deutschsprachigen FELSISA gesprochen.

Aus dem Gemeindebrief der St. Paulusgemeinde Fairland, Johannesburg, Südafrika, ist eine für die dortige Situation beachtenwerte Entscheidung in der ursprünglich deutschsprachigen Freien Evangelisch-Lutherischen Synode in Südafrika (FELSISA) getroffen worden:

“Synodical Meeting – 12th-13th July 2008. This meeting took place at the resort “FELS” near Dumbe (Paulpietersburg) this year. All the pastors and one delegate for each congregation – or two, depending on the size of the congregation (1 delegate per 200 confirmed members) – meet every two years to discuss and decide upon important church matters. This year the representative of St. Paul’s was Wolfgang Siebrandt. Two important decisions were taken at this Synod that concern our congregation:

1. Women can now also be installed as Church Councillors. More than the majority voted in favour of this proposal.

2. That from 2010 the Synodical Convention be conducted in English. Since our congregation consist of about 70% English members, it is also an important decision for our congregation.


Gemeindeblatt Parish Paper September 2008 Evangelisch-lutherische Paulusgemeinde Fairland / Johannesburg St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Fairland / Johannesburg


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